One half artist and one half scientist, I'm an award-winning independent film and video creator with over ten years of experience creating beautiful imagery to tell stories and motivate viewers. I've produced, directed, shot, and edited high-impact media ranging from TV shows and documentary films to commercials and web videos.

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Homewaters Require Vigilance

The Native Fish Society has worked for years to protect and restore endangered wild fish populations in the Pacific Northwest. On the Sandy River near Portland, OR, dam removal and habitat restoration have helped to return the river to a place where wild salmon and steelhead trout can thrive again, but a hatchery program on the river, run by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, continues to put the wild fish at risk.

From an NFS statement: "It is clear that the agency is not as concerned with recovering wild fish in the Sandy as they are with continuing their hatchery programs at the expense of wild fish.

"The Native Fish Society will remain vigilant on the Sandy to ensure that the tremendous public investment in dam removal and habitat restoration results in the recovery and delisting of Sandy River wild salmon and steelhead. To do any less would be contrary to our mission. The Sandy River represents the best place to set a precedent by holding ODFW and NOAA accountable to their own laws."

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