I'm an award-winning independent filmmaker and producer with over a decade of experience telling stories that move people. I've directed, shot, and edited documentary work for a wide range of clients including The Atlantic, Mashable, Quartz, WNET in New York, KCET in Los Angeles, the Academy Awards, Honda, and Adidas. I've also performed as a live video artist in museums and concert halls around the country, and I once won a yodeling contest at the X-Games. I am always interested in opportunities to help tell the stories of people and communities who often go unheard.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? Please contact me at one of the links below to inquire about availability and rates. You can see some samples of my work here:

Nikki Brown Clown

Nicole McKinney clowns under the name Nikki Brown Clown for audiences of all ages. A clown with a purpose, Nikki advocates for Portland's displaced black community, and addresses racism "in a different kind of way."